Eyebrow Microblading and Eyelash Extension Training Dallas Area Consumer Alert!

Lux Lash & Brow Co. located in Plano, Texas, and operating in the Dallas area, is supposedly a licensed company charging $1100-1500 for Eyelash Extension and Eyebrow Microblading training classes. On their website they brag about being “approved” and “registered” with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). Lux Lash claims “satisfaction guaranteed” for their training classes.

This is all lies.

Lux Lash & Brow Webpage Lie

Lux Lash & Brow Co. is not a corporation. It’s not a salon. It’s just a name for classes taught by the owner of Bliss Beauty Studio. Lux Lash & Brow Co. is not registered with the TDLR because the TDLR doesn’t issue licenses to names. It’s not “approved” by the TDLR. They’ve never heard of it. The only thing Lux Lash are “distributors” of is bullshit.

It’s unknown if any of the instructors are licensed. Sometimes Lux Lash has former students who recently graduated teach their classes. Lux Lash should not be in the business of teaching any classes. Aside from not having proper licensing…

Lux Lash doesn’t know anything about eyebrow microblading.

microblading eyebrows
This is an example of eyebrow microblading. Microblading uses a blade and ink to give an enhanced, realistic appearance to the brows with individual hair strokes. NOTE: This is not work Lux Lash & Brow Co. has done or trained anyone to do.

How do I know Lux Lash doesn’t know what they are doing? Because I’m a client of one of Lux Lash’s former students. Lux Lash gave the girl who microbladed my brows tattoo ink to use on me. Tattoo ink is not appropriate to use for microblading because the pigment isn’t thick enough, it bleeds and fades into a bluish or greenish color. Knowing the proper ink to use is Microblading 101.

I now have blue eyebrows.

I have blue, smeary eyebrows. They look like those nasty ass tattoos done in prison. It’s like I served time and one of my fellow inmates gave me permanent makeup with a pen snuck out of the Prison Crafts Class in her vagina and a shank made from her toothbrush. I should get one of those blue tear drops tats on my cheek to match my eyebrows and complete my “I was in a gang” look.

I have prison tat eyebrows compliments of Lux Lash & Brow Co.

When my horrified microblading technician realized what she had done to me, she demanded her money back from Lux Lash & Brow Co. “Satisfaction guaranteed,” right?

Lux Lash & Brow Co. refused to give her a refund.  

Instead, they wanted to give her more classes. Yes, that’s the solution, more training with unqualified, inexperienced, clueless buffoons. Instructors so ignorant, the “Master Trainer” herself didn’t know how to work the basic microblade tool itself and had to call the manufacturer for instructions on how to open it to insert the blade. (This actually happened during my technician’s class.)

microblading tool
The Lux Lash & Brow Co. “Instructor” Couldn’t Figure out How to Work This Basic Microblading Tool

Other students in my girl’s class complained about the poor training and wanted their money back, too, but Lux Lash refused. If you think it’s bad Lux Lash wouldn’t honor their “guarantee” and give their dissatisfied students a refund for their borderline scammer classes, it gets worse.

Here is where we hitch a ride to Crazy Town.

Lux Lash’s response to their students complaining about the inadequate training was to send an email threatening to sue them.

If anyone in this situation has a right to sue, it’s me, Prison Tat Brows, not Lux Lash. But, wait, it gets better.

Turns out the “lawyer” threatening to sue Lux Lash’s students is FAKE.

He’s not real. He doesn’t exist. 

Here is his threatening email edited to remove the students’ names. It’s written as if there is a lawsuit in progress already in the Court system with an assigned case number. (There isn’t.)

Fake Lawyer letter 3

It’s all lies.

There is no “McKinney Texas Attorney”. There is no lawyer admitted to the bar in Texas named “Robert Ginsberg III” and no lawyer in his right mind would send a “Settlement Offer” email. Lawyers send letters certified mail on fancy letterhead with their contact info, license number, and an address where you can walk into an office and actually speak to them in person. They don’t hide behind emails with hastily created yahoo email addresses.

If there is an actual attorney who wrote this email, I know why he’s cringing in the shadows. He’s embarrassed by what an unprofessional, ignorant, pompous douchebag he is. Here’s a law lesson for you, McKinney Texas Attorney, Esquire: it isn’t defamation/slander when a customer complains about a business to the BBB. That’s what it’s for. The BBB wasn’t created for compliments. It also isn’t “harassment” when a customer demands their money back for inadequately performed services.

Here is me making fun of the Genuine Imitation Faux Lawyer Letter:

 Letter from fake lawyer fixed 5

So who is behind this clown show? Who is the owner/operator of Lux Lash & Brow Co.? Who is behind the whacked out fake lawyer email? (It’s a felony to impersonate a lawyer, and if Lux Lash had real counsel, he/she would have advised them not to do it.)

The person behind this clusterfuck of madness is Valerie Warrior from McKinney, Texas. Here is her mugshot from 2014 when she was caught talking on her cell phone in a school zone. No doubt she was distracted on a call to her Fake Attorney-at-Law.

Valerie Wordlaw Warrior Mugshot1
Valerie Wordlaw Warrior Mugshot

I’m showing you her photo so you can avoid taking her classes in the future when she changes her “company” name to something else after word gets out about what a ripoff Lux Lash & Brow Co. is. I’ve been around long enough to know that when someone doesn’t have their act together this spectacularly, they never have their act together. Valerie isn’t going to start another “company” and it will offer excellent training with highly skilled, licensed and experienced professionals. No, her next “business” will also not follow the rules by having pesky things like licenses and experienced instructors. It will be the same level of incompetence and ignorance mixed up with lies, threats to sue and blabbering about Jesus because that’s how she rolls.

To Valerie/Diana/Sarah Schwartz Pham/Fake Texas Attorney-at-law: You should have just given your former students their damn money back. That’s what professional, intelligently run, legitimate businesses do when a customer is unsatisfied.

Scammers don’t give the money back.

That you allowed the situation to reach this level of insanity just proves my point about what total ignoramuses you all are—if all of you even exist (well, we know the lawyer doesn’t) since you somehow manage to juggle the same cell phone and email address.

To future students victims of Lux Lash & Brow Co:  It’s your $1500 if you want to risk it on these janky Lux Lash classes. Don’t say I didn’t warn you….

Saistfaction guranteed.png
Here’s the old version of the Lux Lash & Brow Co website. Note the “Satisfaction Guarantee” right there on the bottom right hand side. Doesn’t say “No Refunds”


UPDATE:   This just gets crazier and crazier.

We’re in Crazyville standing at the intersection of Nutjob Street and Wacko Lane.

A few days after Lux Lash’s unhappy students demanded their money back, Bliss Beauty Studio (Valerie’s salon, what Lux Lash & Brow Co. “operates” under) was burglarized. What did Valerie do?

She told police the crime was committed by one her former students who demanded a refund. 

That’s right. She accused one of her former students—who lives hours away—of breaking into her salon. So, just know, if you take Valerie’s Lux Lush classes, not only will you receive inadequate training—and you will not get your money back—if there’s a crime committed anywhere in her cray-cray world she’ll tell police it was YOU behind it.

Here’s the bizarre text Valerie/Diana (they seem to share the same cell phone) sent the student accusing her of stealing. The student (in green) has no idea who is texting her and clearly doesn’t understand what is going on. Of course, she had nothing to do with the break-in at Bliss Beauty Studio.


Read Valerie’s crazy ass ranting and raving response to this website in our comments section.

UPDATE 2/22/16:  Valerie has obtained a real lawyer this time. He’s threatening to sue the students who want a refund and to file criminal charges against them for “harassment” for complaining to the BBB and reviewing Lux Lash on Yelp (which they haven’t actually done.)

It’s not against the law to complain to the Better Business Bureau or write a negative Yelp review. But it is against the law for Valerie’s lawyer to threaten to file criminal charges for doing so.

The students have retained their own lawyer and they are threatening to sue Valerie for their money and for violating Texas’ Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

UPDATE 10/16:  Valerie still hasn’t given a dime back to her students for the sham course they were duped into taking.